Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is intellectual property?

2. What is a patent?

3. What is a trademark?

4. How does one obtain a patent?

5. What is the difference between ™ and ® on a trademark?

6. What is a copyright?

7. Explain the standard copyright legend.

8. What is a trade secret?

9. How does one protect trade secrets and confidential information?

10. How do non-disclosure agreements work?

11. What are intellectual assets?

12. What is business know-how?

13. What kind of information and databases are considered intellectual assets?

14. What are new and original things?

15. What do I need to do to protect my intellectual assets?

16. What is IPwatch?

17. Why is Intellectual Asset Management important?

18. Do I need IAM if I don’t have any patents or trademarks?

19. Is IAM expensive?