Tim Shen Consulting LLC
5090 Richmond Ave., #464
Houston, Texas 77056

Telephone 281.558.0900
Fax 281.558.0902
Email tim@timshen.com


Tim Shen Consulting offers the following services:
  • Quick Review/Assessment
    A 2- to 3-day engagement focusing on reviewing existing intellectual assets and searching for “hidden” assets. Once identified, all intellectual assets are assessed as to level of protection and utilization within the company.

  • Comprehensive Audit
    A custom tailored audit to inventory, assess, and map all corporate intellectual assets. Review all intellectual property protection procedures and make recommendations.

  • Ongoing IAM Support
    Provide ongoing support in the areas of intellectual property protection, management, and strategies. Outsourcing or retainer arrangements are available.

  • Special Support

Due diligence, mergers and acquisitions support, litigation support, and patent portfolio consultation.

  • Training Programs

Intellectual Property 101
IAM for Managers
Invention Workshop
Preventing Intellectual Property Losses
What you don’t know can hurt you